Assembly/Special purpose balancing machine

  • Assembly balancing machines are available for balancing components in the assembled condition on its own bearings.
  • This type of balancing mitigates errors due to assembly since the unbalance is measured and compensated for the whole assembled part in a single step.
  • Modular design of sensing and component mounting mechanisms and the simple calibration function of the instrumentation and software enables handling multiple types of components and quick changeover of components by selecting and mounting appropriate fixtures and rotor set-ups.
  • Ability to balance components at the service speed.
  • Applications for assembly balancing include:
    • Motor pulley assembly for machine tool applications
    • TFO textile spindle balancing balanced in its own bearing for very high accuracy.
    • Motor fan balancing for instrument cooling.
    • Automotive cooling/ radiator fan balancing.
    • and many others.
  • Special purpose assembly balancing machines are also available for components such as:
    • Outer rotor motor fan assembly.
    • Wind turbine blade assembly.
    • and many others.
  • We design and supply balancing machines for your assemblies and can also supply instrumentation to enable balancing on your existing test rigs. Please contact us with your requirements. We will be happy to assist you.
  • Click for Photos of Assembly Balancing Machine
automotive cooling fan assembly balancing machine
automotive cooling fan assembly balancing machine
automotive cooling fan assembly balancing machine

Automotive cooling fan assembly balancing machine. Balances cooling fans at service speed under its own power. Modular design to easily add fixtures for mounting a variety of fans.

wind turbine balancing

Small Wind Turbine Balancing Machine - Balancing of assembled wind turbine blade and hub.

textile spindle balacing

TFO Textile Spindle Balancing Machine - Balancing of textile spindles simulating the service condition drive arrangements and service condition bearing housings. Accuracy of balancing is very high.