Balancing Machine Instrumentation

  • Advanced balancing machine instrumentation makes your balancing simple, quick and effective.
  • Designed for high performance and high reliability.
  • High precision two channel signal conditioner with digital phase lock loop, zero phase shift and zero bandwidth filters gives precise measurements of unbalance weight and angle.
  • Digital watt meter technology provides superior noise suppression.
  • Remote angle function standard for simple and quick unbalance correction.
  • Automatic calibration enables easy setting up of machine.
  • Interfaces with standard x86/x64 Windows 7/8/10 based PCs through USB. Blue-tooth optional for interfacing with tablets, stick PCs etc.
  • Auto-ranging and auto-scaling function standard to automatically improve measurement.
  • Works with 90-260 Volts AC 50/60 Hz.
  • Speed seamlessly variable from 120 - 4000 RPM. Other speeds available on request.
  • Supports most PNP output RPM sensors such as laser, IR etc.
  • Supports rotary encoders of 5V differential line drive output with arbitrary PPR.
  • Hard bearing and soft bearing available.(Choose while ordering).
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Single plane board software screenshot

Balancing upgrades


Old balancing machine upgraded with Precibalance electronics

  • Upgrade your old balancing machines with modern computerized measurement system.
  • Revive electrically and mechanically functional balancing machines that are otherwise shut-down due to faulty electronics.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Can be installed with almost any make balancing machine suitable for almost any configuration such as horizontal type,vertical type.
  • Instant improvement in operator productivity and balancing quality.
  • Available for hard bearing or soft bearing.
  • Multi speed capable instrumentation. Works with single speed, two speed or variable speed balancers.
  • Standard package includes instrumentation, sensors, software required for the upgrade.
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Turnkey instrumentation

Turnkey instrumentation
  • Complete balancing instrumentation and software for your special purpose balancing machine.
  • Can be used for building custom balance testing rigs for applications such as:
    • Balancing components in their own bearings.
    • Balancing component running under their own power.

Hard bearing balancing machine - instrumentation

Turnkey instrumentation
  • Suitable for rigid balancing machines where supports do not move.
  • Permanently calibrated.
  • 2 plane program supports all 6 rotor configurations and static couple separation.
  • Supplied with hermetically sealed piezo force sensors.
  • Calibration valid across all speed ranges.
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Soft bearing balancing machine - instrumentation

Soft bearing machine