Field balancing services

Precibalance offers site balancing services for a wide range of applications. In-situ balancing is the process of balancing of rotors at site in assembled condition under the rotor’s own power running at the rated service speed.

In-situ balancing of rotors can improve the performance of your machinery by

  • Reducing the vibration levels of the running parts.
  • Improves service life due to lower vibration level.
  • Reduces the bearing stresses due to reduced imbalance for improved operating life.
  • Enables running machines at higher speeds for improved productivity.
  • Improvement in NVH(Noise Vibration and Harshness).
  • Potential process improvements such as improved surface finish, higher feed rates or increase in operational speeds of machine tool spindles and fixtures in the case of machining.
  • Balancing of running assemblies where component level balancing is insufficient and unbalance is induced due to assembly errors.
  • Balancing of rotors where the balancing process may be required at service speed. Balancing of rotors on test-rigs where the vibration caused by imbalance impedes proper assembly and measurements on the rig.

In-situ balancing can be done for a wide variety of applications in a wide range of industries such as

  • Fans, blowers and impeller assemblies and other air and material handling equipment.
  • CNC and high speed machine tool spindles.
  • Cardan shaft assembly and power transmission assemblies of machines.
  • Rotating components of Test rigs.
  • Power generation facilities such as Hydro-electric turbine generator assemblies.
  • Rotating machinery such as centrifuges, separators, crushers etc in various industries such as sugar industry, dairy industry, food processing industry, oil industry, petro-chemical industry, power plants and many more.

Field balancing machine demo

In situ balancing of vertical machining center spindle using Precibalance portable balancer for lower vibration levels and higher spindle speeds.

In situ balancing of CNC turning center spindle and fixture assembly with Precibalance site balancer. Balancing the spindle and fixture assembly enabled the machine to operate at higher speeds for better machining.

On site balancing of industrial air handling fans using Precibalance site balancer.